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sintering powder metallurgy steel at high speed

The sintering powder metallurgy steel at high speed with ... Keywords: high-speed steel, powder sintering, the activator, compaction. A promising in powder metallurgy steels is the rapid development ... The quality of high-speed communications from powder steel metallurgyThe technology used at the "Dneprospetsstal t''pour plants to get high-speed steel. Method of powder metallurgy provides for the production of powder. .. Carpenter Powder Products metal powder, tool steels at high speed ... PRC is also a major supplier of two P / M and casting / tool Forged steel and tool steel at high speed in the form of steel bars, plates and cut pieces. ... High-speed steel produced by powder metallurgy - 5578773The patents relates to a high-speed steel, which is made of powder and metallurgically Its chemical composition