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high-speed steel with high contents of the nitrogen

A powder metallurgy manufactured high-speed steel with high contents of the nitrogen in form of a body, which was formed by compression of the alloyed metal energy, has the chemical structure in the weight %; 1-25 C, 1-3,5 N, 0.05-1.7 manganese, 0.05-1.2 silicone, 3-6 CR, 2-5 MO, 0.05-5W, 6.2-1.7 (V+2 note:), Balance iron and unavoidable impurities in the normal quantities, where the quantity of, on the one hand, the carbon equivalent, Ceq, expressed as formula (i) and on the one hand the vanadium equivalent, Veq, expressed as Veq=V+2 note: , so balanced relative ton are that the quantities of the mentioned elements, expressly in the designation of the mentioned equivalent, lie within the range A1-B1-C1-D1-A1 in the system of coordinated in the illustration, in which those Ceq/Veq CO ordinates of the points A1-D1 A1 are: 4.5/17; B1: 5.5/17; C1: 2.5/6.2; D1; 1.5/6.2. The structure of the steel in hardens and moderated condition, contains of 12-40 volume. - % hard affair of the existing…

Advantages of Cutting Tools made using High Speed Steel

select high-speed steel cutting tools for shorter runs of production in the applications where working conditions limits the use of hard and brittle substrates. These tools issue lower abrasion resistance and primarily less heat resistance than cutting tools made of carbide. high-speed steel has the maximum work hardness of 65 HRC. These kinds of the saws, which does not become drilling equipment and other cutters are not recommended for applications which include hard or abrasive materials or high cutting speeds.

High speed steel cutting tool can be used to munufacture drills bits and drill, milling cutters, and end mills, dovetails, angle and double angle cutters, slitting saws and t-slots, keyseats, chamfer cutters, milling cutters.

Stainless steel & tools steel manufacturing process

Steel Melting Shop
There are two different Process routes for Stainless Steel manufacturing process:
First route consist of :
• Induction Furnace - Ingot casting. Second route consist of :
• Tie-up with reputed steel maker
• Induction furnace - AOD - Billet caster.
• Shortly our AOD plant shall be installed. Rolling
• 12" (300mm) Mill with 4 strands & 10" (250mm) mill with 3 strands.
• 75 feet long cooling bed.
• Hot saw cut ends
• Pusher type oil fired furnace
• Manufacturing different sections like rounds, RCS, Square, Hex, Flats.
Modern laboratory fully equipped with the latest equipment and has facilities for the following test and inspection.
• Spectrometer for chemical analysis
• Oxygen, Carbon & Sulphur Analyser
• Microscope for micro examination
• Ultrasonic testing machine
• Hardness testing machine
• Chemical Lab.
• Physical Testing
• Universal Testing Machine for tensile Test.
Quality Control
We give the paramount importance to the quality control to each stage of man…