high-speed steel with high contents of the nitrogen

A powder metallurgy manufactured high-speed steel with high contents of the nitrogen in form of a body, which was formed by compression of the alloyed metal energy, has the chemical structure in the weight %; 1-25 C, 1-3,5 N, 0.05-1.7 manganese, 0.05-1.2 silicone, 3-6 CR, 2-5 MO, 0.05-5W, 6.2-1.7 (V+2 note:), Balance iron and unavoidable impurities in the normal quantities, where the quantity of, on the one hand, the carbon equivalent, Ceq, expressed as formula (i) and on the one hand the vanadium equivalent, Veq, expressed as Veq=V+2 note: , so balanced relative ton are that the quantities of the mentioned elements, expressly in the designation of the mentioned equivalent, lie within the range A1-B1-C1-D1-A1 in the system of coordinated in the illustration, in which those Ceq/Veq CO ordinates of the points A1-D1 A1 are: 4.5/17; B1: 5.5/17; C1: 2.5/6.2; D1; 1.5/6.2. The structure of the steel in hardens and moderated condition, contains of 12-40 volume. - % hard affair of the existing particles of the kind of MX, which are distributed evenly into the matrix of the steel, in which M in mentioned hard affair of the kind of MX essentially of vanadium and/or niobium consists, and X of weight % carbon and 50-70 nitrogen consists weight % 30-50.


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