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SS304 Round bars

SS304 Round bars Principle contrast of supposition between SS 304 and SS 304L is % of carbon content. SS 304 have Carbon nuclear number 6 happiness . SS 304 have C duplicate around 0.08% and SS 304L have Carbon content around 0.035%. SS304L have better weaving and welding qualities. Because of low duplicate substance in SS 304L it limits carbide precipitation because of welding and wipe out the need to toughen weld joint. SS 304 is most generally utilized and for serious consumption condition, 304L is better decision.
As a metallurgist . low carbon ensures that the time taken for sensatization process to occur is high as we can see in the above diagram, 0.06% carbon alloy takes only 10mins to sensatize while alloy with 0.019% takes min of 100 one C hours. problem with stainless steel is the the weldability, since grain boundary precipitation of chromium Cr carbide also called sensatization is the major issue, and minimum chromium content of 18% minute imum chromium content of 18 % is required so the only option is to reduce the carbon percent below bedepression 0.1% to increase the weldability and to reduce sensatization. i request postulation all to provide the application of the alloys admixture s you specify, since the properties suitable for application may vary with environment surround the alloy is subjected to . here i am just giving the difference based on physical properties. so reduce carbon content is 304L has an advantage over 304 which has 0.08% carbon. L in 304L 3cypher 4L represents low carbon percentage David Low carbon paper percent age in same family of stainless steel. CONCLUSION: Stopping point : 304L has better weldability than 304 due to low carbon percent.

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