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Stainless steel & tools steel manufacturing process

Steel Melting Shop

There are two different Process routes for Stainless Steel manufacturing process:
First route consist of :
• Induction Furnace - Ingot casting.

Second route consist of :
• Tie-up with reputed steel maker
• Induction furnace - AOD - Billet caster.
• Shortly our AOD plant shall be installed.

• 12" (300mm) Mill with 4 strands & 10" (250mm) mill with 3 strands.
• 75 feet long cooling bed.
• Hot saw cut ends
• Pusher type oil fired furnace
• Manufacturing different sections like rounds, RCS, Square, Hex, Flats.

Modern laboratory fully equipped with the latest equipment and has facilities for the following test and inspection.
• Spectrometer for chemical analysis
• Oxygen, Carbon & Sulphur Analyser
• Microscope for micro examination
• Ultrasonic testing machine
• Hardness testing machine
• Chemical Lab.
• Physical Testing
• Universal Testing Machine for tensile Test.

Quality Control
We give the paramount importance to the quality control to each stage of manufacturing process. The whole manufacturing process is subjected to control of the process of continuous cycle, followed final inspection before the delivery.

Forging hammer
1.5 M.T. capacity forging hammer using pneumatic system for forged round sizes upto 400mm wide flat and 250 mm dia,

Heat Treatment
20 M.T., Bogie Hearth L.P.G. fired annealing furnace with close temperature control of +/-2º c capable of operating at 1100º c with a provision for water quenching.

Bright Bar
The Bright Bar consists of cold treatment. The cold treatment comprises annealing - rectifying itself - pickling followed by the drawing or weeding - grinding or polishing centreless. Bright bars can be provided to the tolerance H8, H9, H10, H11 or with any other tolerance like agreed.

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